Travelling to Goa

There is a little corner of India that will definitely steal your heart.

Situated on the west coast of India, bathed by the Arabian Sea, we can find the

mystical state of Goa, which was commanded by the Portuguese Empire for more

than 400 years and was the last colony to become individual property being

administered by India in 1961.

About 1,848 km from the capital, New Delhi and 586 km from the busy city of

Mumbai, Goa is one of the smallest states in the nation, with 1.4 million inhabitants,

mirrored by about 3,200 km divided basically into two districts: South Goa and North

Goa, each of these is made up of small villages, where the communication is in

Konkani, Marathi - official language and English as the second language.

It is still possible to identify a colonial atmosphere, a historical heritage that

reflects in the customs and architecture brought by the European Empire. Quite

different from the others states in the country, there are several Catholic Churches,

although Hinduism is the predominant religion, there is a minority ethicist adept to


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Marked by the warm receptivity, Goa is a state that attracts hippies and

backpackers of all over the world, from all ages, who seek adventure on the idyllic beaches to enjoy the climate that usually keeps around 30 degrees year-round, except for of the monsoons that go from July to September.

Located in Canacona, Southern Goa, is Palolem Beach where Earth Yoga

Village is based. It is a small village known for its fishing activity. Palolem Beach is

within 2.5 km from the market town of Chaudi, where the closest access is via the

Dabolim Airport or via the railway station Canacoa about 2.5 km.

The Village is lined by palms trees and surrounded by incredible nature which

attracts many tourists annually, especially in the season which extends from October to April, the high period being from December to February.

Palolem Beach contrasts to the hectic life around India and presents a great

environment to relax; enjoying the quiet sea on the so charming beach, which faces

Canacona Island, known for the resident monkeys and it is also a beautiful location to admire the sunset.

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Elected in 2017 by Tripadvisor website the 3rd best beach in India and 13th in

the tops of Asia, Palolem Beach is a great mystical place to look for Alternative

Therapies, Yoga and Meditation and provides a deep connection with nature. It also

offers to visitors a lively nightlife, with great options of restaurants and bars.

Certainly this is a part of India that you should not to miss during your



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