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Meet Us

  • Our team is unique blend of Indian and International experienced and certified teachers & therapists for a holistic support for your stay with us.

  •  All our teachers have solid traditional knowledge with modern understanding and approach 

  • All our teachers are on the path of self development & growth towards cultivating joyful living 

  • We only teach what we ourself follow,learnt & experienced on the path of self inquiry & healing 

Please have a read below for an introduction to the people of the Earth Yoga Village. We are looking forward to meeting you in person!


Anand Garg

Founder, Managing & Program Director  E-RYT 500 & YACEP (Yoga Alliance certified teacher)

Anand is an Ex-BFSI who said goodbye to corporate world in jan 2012 after having worked in the financial industry for 11 years and started his journey back to his inner self through yoga, meditation and other spiritual practices.he had enlightening moment where he realized is lot more to be than just barely  somehow managing our existence in regards with our day to day functions in relation to Physical/Mental/Emotional/Social/Financial/Professional health & in the quest of that in 2012 he simply set himself on that path.where he starts to understand that life is not about managing things but life is all about living it abundantly & joyfully.As the time passes & his wisdom grows.he describes his life to be meaningful, joyful & wholesome.he is very grateful to universe for such rich,privileged & empowered life where he has been given a limitless possibilities & opportunities with all the tools & resources to be able to design,create & architect joyful living.

Since 2012 with change in course of life.his inner world is continuously evolving.Over the period many professional & personal events have led him to be reborn wiser & kinder,In sink with creation & law of nature.he is a big believer of balanced life between inner & outer world.Investing a balanced time & energy on both in order to have a harmonious existence.he truly propagates & practices that.He still feels that journey is continued as we all have our own unique operative systems.which needs to be Acknowledged/Accepted/ Observed /Understood & Healed in its own time depending on the complexities of does not matter how long it takes.What matters the most is that life will never be same from thereon.It ll keep on rising to higher scales of joy & peace every passing day.


He travelled  all across India & Asian Countries for almost 3 years of from Jan 2012 to Dec 2014 in understanding the very nature of life & its existence by spending lot of his time in ASHRAMS,MONASTERIES,ECO VILLAGES & COMMUNITIES,VIPASANNA and SILENT MEDITATION CENTRES,SPIRITUALS FESTIVALS.serving,practicing & attending many courses & trainings.which inspired and led him to start a holistic community of EARTH YOGA VILLAGE  On 5th jan 2015.Apart from his corporate degrees.he is trained & graduated as Shiromani of Yoga (Yoga Teacher) April 2012 & with Master of Yoga( acharya of yoga ) in March 2016  both from Sivananda Ashram in Kerala India.he is deeply  involved in learning and understanding the Yogic & Buddhist  philosophies & psychology,Modern psychology,Nature of our existence & relation with creation,Mind body soul connection.he has a more than 10000 hours of collective teaching/learning/practicing experience in above subjects.

He is an ardent follower of a fundamental religion of life called “The Law of Nature“. This concept looks at basic understanding of life  as " what you give is what you receive "which advocates compassion & oneness.


Anand lives by the motto 'Love the Life you Live & Live the Life you Love.'

Management Role - Recruit, Train ,Mentor & Guide all the teachers & staff working with EYV in various area of running the village & programs, Content Creations for TTC & Retreats in line with foundational principles of Earth Yoga vIllage.

Teaching - Yogic Psychology, Yogic philosophy,Mindfulness, Hatha, Pranayama & Meditation in both Training and Retreats.


Olivier Charles

Lead Teacher 200/300/100 Hrs TTC  E-RYT 500 & YACEP (Yoga Alliance certified teacher)

Olivier discovered Yoga while living in London in 2003. Suffering from back pain and running injuries, yoga became an essential tool in his recovery, and later a passion in its own right. Always a student at heart Oliver has recently completed the Advanced Yoga Anatomy course with Tom Myers, building on his understanding of the body and yoga practice even further.


Over the years, Olivier has found that the key to a successful practice is honouring the physical body’s limitations – and moving fearlessly into the possibilities of greater strength and flexibility through patient and persistent practice. He has a light hearted, compassionate and playful approach to teaching, and helps his students to grow through self-observation without judgment. Having spent time teaching on trainings and retreats in India, Europe and Japan for the last 11 years, Olivier  owns and runs a yoga retreat centre and a yoga studio in West Japan with his wife, Hiromi. Nichiren Buddhist (SGI) for over twenty years. when not in GOA. He brings to the Earth Yoga Village team an extensive knowledge of yoga integrating the best elements of modern yoga, anatomical precision and buddhist teachings.

Management Role - Lead teacher &  Advisor also help in content creation.

Teaching -  Yogic Anatomy,Teaching Methodology, Teaching Techniques, Vinyasa & Yin in Trainings. 

Manager Ayurveda & Spa

Anushree Singh


Yogic Anatomy,Philosophy,Asana  & Source of our spiritual knowledge 

Anushree has graduated with honors in yoga philosophy & specializes as an anatomist & yoga therapist as well as bio mechanics of yoga body and breath. She has been training yoga enthusiasts to understand themselves and there practice since last 10 years.her approach towards teaching is friendly as well as firm blending strong tradition knowledge with modern approach.


She was introduced to yoga by Dr. Om Anand and her learning still continues from life, as she resides in her Gurus ashram living since she was 11 year old . At present she is pursuing her research on yoga and the nervous system.She believes that we have huge potential within us to know our selves at every dimension and the tools is yoga.she has been powerhouse of inspiration for every student passing by Earth yoga village.


Her yoga practice lives on the mantra which says: Stay inspired from within, as outside inspiration is too limited for your awakening.

Management Role - Spiritual advisor.

Teaching - Yogic Anatomy,Yogic Philosophy,Yogic psychology,Teaching Methodology,Teaching Techniques, Hatha, Yin,Yoga Nidra in Trainings,Paranayama, Meditation,


Lead Teacher 200/300/100 Hrs  E-RYT 500 & YACEP (Yoga Alliance certified teacher)


,Bine has been living a partial nomad lifestyle as a Yoga teacher since 2013. Her main focus is spreading her wisdom, love and happiness. Since 2015 she is working as a Yoga teacher trainer, leading Yoga teacher training courses, wrote concepts for 200hrs Yoga teacher trainings and successfully qualified hundreds of Yoga teachers from all over the world. As an E-RYT 500 she teaches everything, drop in classes (online & offline) in different styles, company Yoga, one on one session, workshops, retreats and webinars. Her passion is to teach training course. Bines students describe her as a sunshine, offering creative, challenging and playful sequences. In YTT courses she covers all Yoga theory subjects, as well as alignment & adjustment of Yoga Asanas.


Bine found Yoga for herself as a healing practice at a difficult time in her life, when she worked 65hrs per week, managing fitness clubs where she took care of sales & marketing, customer service, finances, administration and human resources development. In addition she is been responsible to teach the sales team across Germany to ensure success of the famous fitness brand. By now she collected about 1000 hours of teacher Trainings around the globe, including Yoga Thai Massage and Ayurveda. Traveling the world for Yoga,


Bine met many people who, burned out by western lifestyle, were struggling on their path, trying to reconnect with themselves and with nature. Through her teachings, she wants to help them bring back light and happiness in their lives, just as Yoga did it for her. Besides flowing on the mat herself, she loves being in nature, especially close to the ocean. Whenever she can dance, laugh, be active, move and surrounded by friends, Bine is in her happy place – where she wishes everyone else to be too!

Bine is in her happy place – where she wishes everyone else to be too!

Management Role - Lead teacher & Advisor also help in Retreats.

Teaching - Teaching Methodology, Teaching Techniques, Vinyasa, Hatha & Yin in Trainings 

Ayurvedic Therapist, kinesiologist, Yoga & Nidra Teacher 


Kathrin grew up in the beautiful Austrian countryside, which laid the foundation for Kathrin’s strong connection to mother nature. To live in harmony with nature and to do as little harm as possible has always been a major priority for her. That led her to stop eating meat at age 14 and later on in her life turn to veganism. Along with that she developed the interest to understand where our food comes from, how it is produced and what our body really needs.

Having experimented with different nutritional systems for more than 10 years, she came in touch with Ayurveda during her first trip to India in 2007. The core principle of Ayurveda is to understand your own nature and to live in harmony with it. This very individualized approach of Ayurveda deeply resonated with Kathrin and she decided to return to India to study the art of Ayurveda right where it’s coming from. She completed her studies in 2012 with Asho Shivani Panchakarma Center in Dharamsala, North India and has been working as an Ayurvedic Therapist ever since.

For the past 11 years Kathrin has been living mostly in India and Nepal where she has deepened her knowledge in Ayurveda, Yoga, Meditation and Energy work. She has sat several silent meditation retreats both in the Mahayana and Theravada tradition. She is trained as a Pranic Healer and Reiki Practitioner and has spent many months on organic and permaculture farms all over the world.Kathrin is thrilled and excited to support your journey to health, wellbeing and to your true self here in our magical earth yoga village.

Her mottos: make food your medicine / nature is my religion / the body is your temple.

Management Role - lead teacher in Retreats & helps over in Managerial role in running the village.

Teaching -  Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin ,Yoga Nidra, Ayurveda in Retreats & Trainings.

M.A & PHD  Yoga Philosophy  Gold Medalist Patanjali Yoga Sutras 


Dr. Praveena Shetty is from India. She has been known for her Multiple Masters /diplomas and a doctorate in Yogasutras & other Indian philosophies. She had been a professor for long duration with K. J. Somaiya Sanskriti Peetham & K. J. Somaiya Buddhism center Mumbai  for & has been teaching yogic philosophies for a decade now.her teaching style is simple & practical 


While she was working as professor at a senior college teaching Human resource and development, life changed for her. She had bouts of  Migraine and so she sought the help of Yoga therapy for physical respite. Little did she know that this was going to be a life changer for her. She is on a nomadic journey for the past one year following the inspiration of Abhyaas and she is here with us Spreading her Wisdom & Compassion to make this world better place thru  practical application of  Yoga sutras holistically in day to day life. 


Management Role - Advisor


Teaching - Yoga Philosophy - Yoga Patanjali Sutras in Trainings

Yoga Teacher  Vinyasa, Yin, Chakra Balancing 

Eli  is a free soul, full-time spiritual & adventurous seeker,A go getter, always ready to welcome unknown,. she is very creative in her approach towards life & her teachings.she very kind,loving & gentle soul.who sees good in everything and everyone with her ever growing wisdom.she has done her teacher training course with EYV in feb 2018 .she has been working and teaching with us since than.her teaching is truly world class yet simple to follow and understand.she also participated in many silent & well being retreats in last years.she embodies what she preaches.

Management Role - Advisor

Teaching - Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin, Pranayama, Meditation in Retreats & Trainings


Get Involved 


Earth Yoga Village is a community of like-minded people who live by the motto 'Live the Life you Love & Love the Life you Live'. We hope to inspire many other beautiful souls on this planet and to offer you the chance to come and experience, we offer different programs for people traveling on a budget. For people wanting to explore the world, India or community living and share their skills and wisdom with us. Together we grow. Every helping hand is welcome as long as you can commit to be involved fully and passionately.

We live a conscious life that includes compassion towards other beings and ourselves. We create harmony in our surroundings and aspire to live a fulfilling happy life that inspires everyone we touch. If you think you can help us spread the love and inspire others, please apply below. We can't wait to meet you.


Earth Yoga Village Community work exchange  Program



- High degree of self-discipline

- Compassionate behavior

Age - 23 to 35

200 HRS Teacher Training

What we offer in return

- Love, smiles, faith and immense gratitude

-  will be rewarded with everyday sunshine and the gentle breeze of the Arabian Sea


 Duration & Dates

   22/Oct/2023 to 19/Jan/2024

   17/Jan/2024 to 07/April/2024

Area of work 




Gardening and permaculture

Social media /Videography/Photography

Any other 

Our work exchange is 5 hours a days Sunday to Friday in a week  in return of Basic yogi accommodation in dorm,all meals & classes as per village program. 

Please keep in mind that this is a self-development work exchange program for everyone wanting to progress on their spiritual path. On top of helping in a village & developing your teaching skills, you are expected to attend at least two classes every day to support your spiritual growth towards living the life you love and loving the life you live.

You shall adhere to all rules and regulations at Earth Yoga Village and failure to do so will result in dismissal and we will ask you to leave.

By submitting the below application form, you agree with all terms and conditions applicable for work exchange .

Marie Milla
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