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Our Story

Back in 2014 the vision of our Founder Director Anand garg became reality. his Motto towards life came into existence " Live the life you love & Love the life you live " The vision of creating an environment for people to come together as a community and to enjoy and celebrate the beauty that is life. Earth Yoga Village was born. And with it many ideas, plans and projects. Since then we have been blessed with an incredible amount of even more incredible people that have contributed to Earth Yoga Village being the amazing place it is today.

We aren't done yet. We aren't stopping. We are on a mission. A mission to spread the word of love, community and compassion as well as the ancient philosophy of yoga and its benefits for the greater good. The tradition of yoga dates back many many thousands of years and is experiencing a boom in modern times. We make it a priority to keep the believes and philosophy sacred and pass it on mindfully.

Yoga so much more than just the physical practice of asanas that has become so popular in the West and that is what Earth Yoga Village is about. It's about the teachings of Yamas and Niyamas which are your foundation for a yogic life. It's also about Pranayama and Asana which prepare body and mind for meditation which is the ultimate aim - to reach Samadhi - according to ancient yogic beliefs.

More about the 8 limbs of Ashtanga Yoga in another post. This one is about us for a change :). About what Earth Yoga Village is about. And what's in it for you. We've come from a lifestyle that didn't fulfill us. A corporate lifestyle that requires that you strive towards climbing up that ladder, being successful in your career and making money. Money that then you're taught to spend on material things that never fulfill. Once we have come to realize that this is not the world we want to live in, Earth Yoga Village happened. And it's a place for YOU and everyone else that can relate to this. Or that just wants to relax, do yoga, spend time in nature and let the warming sun rays tan your skin.

Everyone is welcome at Earth Yoga Village. To recharge. Rethink. Revitalise. Reconnect. With yourself and nature.

Since our start in 2014 we have been lucky enough to grow and spread the word. To welcome more and more people at our village and make them feel at home. The sense of community that is created with everyone joining is extremely rewarding and it connects. We hope that everyone joining can feel the special energy that is created at Earth Yoga Village, thanks to its beautiful setting, our neighbours and our way of teaching and being of service for your own personal journey.

This blog is for YOU. We aim to update you on many different things that we think are relevant for us and with that might be relevant for you also. We hope you enjoy reading it!

Love & Light x

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