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World Vegan Day

On November, 1 of 1994 was decreed the World Vegan Day. Celebrating the Vegan Day is related to a life celebration, it is to be happy knowing that our Universe is perfect and enables all living beings to be free and live together integrally vibrating in the energy of love and acceptance.

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What is the difference between vegetarianism and veganism?

The practice of vegetarianism can be adopted for different reasons, among them are: ethics, health and religion, and veganism has as its main focus the ethical issue, which fights for liberation and not animal exploitation. This implies a more radical attitude on the part of the vegan towards the vegetarian.

It is important to note that vegans do not consume any animal products. This includes meat, milk and its derivatives, eggs, honey, wool, leather etc. Vegans also do not consume products that are tested on animals, as are most of the remedies and cosmetics in general. That is why vegans are always on the lookout for companies that test animals so they can boycott them and look for alternatives. Veganism is not only a food option, but an ethical stance in the face of suffering and exploitation in relation to animals.

In general we grow accustomed to eating meat and foods that contain milk and eggs. Breaking up with these eating habits is an almost heroic act, especially on social occasions, where we are often harassed by food derived from animals. The human species has become more aware that in the journey of evolution all living beings must be respected.

Since 2013, India has been among the five countries with the highest growth rate of veganism, according to research on the site "Mercy for Animals". In a country so full of life and which has cow as a sacred symbol, was the first in the world to have a vegetarian city, Palitana - Bhavnagar district, Gujarat, which in 2013 banned the slaughter of animals and sale of meat and eggs.

Founded in the middle of the beautiful jungle at Palolem Beach, Goa Earth Yoga Village has been practicing daily connecting with nature. We consciously take a strong stand towards veganism here and cater only vegan meals in our resort. Taking care about harmony and respect among all present lives and believing that all living beings can be happy loving the life they live.

Photo: Instagram @earthyogavillage

Our experience with the daily conviviality with the most different species of life and vegetarian food affirms the concept that Veganism shows us that nature gifts us and provides us everything we need to live a full, healthy and harmonious life. In addition, we daily experience the delicious taste of the variety that veganism culinary offers to us, creating a healthy environment and believing that life is happiest where there is love and compassion among all beings in the Universe.

Love life, Happy Vegan day.

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