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Simple ways to balance the chakras

First of all, how can we tell if our chakras are unbalanced?

Feeling tired, negative, 'stuck' and getting sick often can occur because of any number of reasons, but it can all indicate that the chakra system has fallen out of balance.

What are the chakras?

Why do they get blocked and how can we open and keep them balanced?

Chakras, according to Sanskrit are wheels or energy centers that exist in the body and allow proper functioning. There are many chakras, but the main chakra system consists of seven. As vortices, the chakras are aligned to the central energetic channel of the body, the Shusuma nadi.

This channel, along with the chakras becomes the place where the left ida and right pingala channels or nadis intersect, creating the subtle energy body, which is linked to the mental and physical bodies, this is why it directly affects our health and well-being.

The body works best when the chakras and nadis are balanced and open so that the life force or prana can flow and reach every part of the system smoothly.

Problems arise when stress, disease and other disruptions in the mind, body and spirit alter the free movement of the energy through the channels, causing them to get blocked and out of balance.

Everything is about harmony and if some area of our life feels stuck, whether it is our personal, professional or love life, finances, health, etc. It's time to take a look at the chakras and try to find the balance and peace needed to remove any blockages.

Of course, diet plays an important role keeping us healthy and food, drinks, emotions, thoughts, ideas, even the music, movies and different kinds of entertainment we consume, all determine the state of our energy. Stress is usually to blame for different diseases showing up, emotional distress can lead to chakras closing up and blocking. Going through big transitions in life such as traveling, moving, changing jobs/careers and experiencing trauma or personal loss, break-ups, divorce, the death of a loved on, etc. impact our chakras immensely. Other things to consider are seasons and the weather, cold, hot, rainy, dry, windy... It can all affect the delicate balance of our body.

Yoga and Ayurveda state that similars agravate conditions, causing imbalance, while opposites heal and harmonize. For example, if there's too much cold and dryness in the body, while feeling sad and uneasy, a bag of potato chips in the dessert can make things much worse. Having a warm vegetable soup instead, would be soothing and balancing.

Feeding the system with positive thoughts, of course, and eating pacifying foods for our type of dosha are great ways to maintain balance and well-being through any kind of circumstance.

So, how to tell if chakras are unbalanced?

There are a few signs that indicate and warn that the chakras may be out of balance. A chakra may be overactive with excessive energy or under active, when energy tends to be too low, meaning that each chakra needs just the right amount of energy to create the ideal environment for harmony.

Some of the signs of unbalanced chakras are:

Feeling stuck in life.

Constantly getting sick.

Being distracted or making a lot of mistakes.

Feeling tired all the time, with negative or low energy levels.

Everything feels like it's going wrong.

Every chakra is affected differently and blockages may have a mental, physical, emotional or spiritual causes behind it, so it's important to determine how each chakra responds to imbalances in order to open and create harmony throughout the system.

1 First chakra: Root — Muladhara

It is our base, what we stand on: feet, legs, and our inner roots. The element of this chakra is Earth and the color is red. It is related to being happy with who we are, where we live in and feeling safe and secure. Family, friends and close relationships also have to do with this chakra.

Some signs that the root chakra may be out of balance:

Feeling unstable physically or emotionally.

Having fear and sense of insecurity, excessive worry/concern about safety.

Painful and stiff legs or feet.

Lack of flexibility.

Feeling stuck and ungrounded.

Being restless and unsteady at home.

To balance this chakra:

Grounding - spend some time outdoors and around nature, walk barefoot feeling the sand or grass, enjoy gardens, beaches and other natural, serene environments.

Eat more fresh fruits and veggies. Connect to mother Earth and appreciate her gifts.

Do some breathing exercises like pranayama, alternating nostrils and sama vritti.

Wear red clothes and accessories.

Exercise the legs, stretch and strengthen them.

2 Second chakra, Sacral — Svadhistana

It is located at the sacrum, sexual organs and hips. The second chakra is related to the element of water, orange color hues, creativity and emotions. This chakra determines our capacity to connect to others and be intimate.

Frequent signs this Chakra Is out of balance:

Discomfort, stiffness or pain in lower back and hips.

Feeling emotionally unstable with mood swings.

Lack of creativity and new ideas.

Inability to feel emotions.

Loss or excess of sexual desire, fertility issues.

To balance this chakra:

Get moving, dance and stretch the hips.

Try any activity involved with water, swimming, drinking more water, taking a nice bath.

Allow yourself to feel emotions and let them out, therapeutic writing and journaling may help.

Meditate with the color orange and wear it.

3 Third chakra, Solar Plexus —Manipura

It's located at the abdomen, digestive organs and mid-back. The element of the third chakra is fire, color is yellow and it's related to our self-esteem, own value and our personal thoughts, feelings and relationship with ourselves.

Common signs this Chakra is out of balance:

Pain in the abdomen, digestive disorders.

Issues with low self-esteem.

Excessive ego.

Commitment phobia.

Problems seeing tasks and goals through completion.

Ways to balance this chakra:

Spend more time in the sun.

Meditate with the element of fire, a candle flame or a bonfire.

Eat foods that are good for digestion.

Wear yellow clothes and golden accessories.

Take detoxifying drinks and herbal teas.

Strengthen your core, do some sit-ups and spinal twists.

4 Fourth, Heart Chakra — Anahata

Anahata chakra is at the heart center and involves, the chest, arms, hands, upper back, and shoulders. The element is Air and the color is green. This chakra is related to love of all kinds: romantic love, kindness to others, compassion, self-love and love towards friends, family, animals and everything else.

A few signs this Chakra Is out of balance:

Trouble breathing right.

Experiencing upper back or chest pain.

Too much or too little shoulder flexibility.

Incapacitaty to give and receive love.

Lack of self-love and self-compassion.

Being closed-off.

Feeling like something is missing.

To Balance this chakra:

Take long, deep breaths.

Practice pranayama.

Take a hike, a walk and connect to the air.

Try loving-kindness Metta meditation and practice more love towards yourself and others.

Do random acts of kindness.

Wear pink and green clothing and accessories.

Stretch your back, shoulders, arms, hands and expand your chest.

Improve and correct your posture.

5 Fifth, Throat Chakra — Visshudha

It is located basically at the throat, neck, mouth, jaw, and ears, it's element is Ether or Space and it's color turquoise blue. This chakra relates to communication, the perfect balance of speaking and listening, being assertive with words, voice and expressing effectively. This chakra connects the heart and mind, so it can be possible to speak wisely and listen with compassion and full attention.

Signs this Chakra is out of balance:

Throat problems, laryngitis.

Grinding teeth, experiencing jaw pain.

Having constant ear ringing or infections.

Painful or stiff neck.

Talking too little or too much, inability to listen to others.

To balance this chakra:

Hum, sing and chants some mantras.

Try active listening with compassion.

Take some honey, lemon and warm beverages, like tea.

Wear turquoise clothes, accessories, especially around the neck: necklaces.

Enjoy nice music.

6 Sixth, Third Eye Chakra — Ajna

This chakra is at the center of the forehead in between the brows, it is inside our minds. The third eye chakra relates to intuition, inner wisdom insight, and imagination. This chakra allows to connect to the heart of truth and cosmic wisdom. Having an open third eye chakra means to develop a clear view of life and the meaning of it, a positive look on the future and the universe, as well as a wonderful connection with everything.

Signs that indicate this chakra is out of balance:

Mental clarity issues.


Difficulty concentrating.

Lack of intuitive wisdom.

Loss of inspiration.

Overactive mind, too much imagination.

To Balance:

Learn to listen to your own mind and body.

Remember your dreams, write them down, journal.

Wear indigo clothing, accessories.

Practice balancing yoga asanas like Dancer’s and tree pose.

Do some yoga with eyes shut.

7 Crown Chakra—Sahasrara

This chakra is at the top of the head and peak of the skull. The crown chakra relates to light, supreme intelligence and divine connection with all there is. This chakra gives a clear understanding of our life's mission, purpose and the place we hold in the universe.

Warning Signs this chakra is out of balance:


Being unable to concentrate, getting easily distracted.

Frequent drama and fights.

Close minded and inflexible, feeling that only you are right and everyone else is wrong.

Lack of empathy.

To balance this chakra:

Meditate, try to keep the mind still and quiet. Get rid of obsessive thoughts.

Help others, volunteer, do nice things without expecting anything in return.

Be grateful every day.

Wear prurple or white clothing and accessories.

Do yoga, inverted poses like headstands are especially beneficial.

~A very effective way to clear energy blockages and keep harmony through the whole system is to meditate with the color of each chakra, imagining a bright light clearing and purifying the area of the body involved with the chakra. Singing bija mantras for every chakra is also a great tool to open them and avoid blockages.

Getting in touch with your chakras and understanding how the subtle body works, having a good communication with it and keeping the energy channels clear and open can do wonders for overall heath.

Chakra work can be very gratifying and it usually leads to more joy, peace and bliss in life. Harmony is in our hands and the process of balancing can even be something to enjoy. Connect with your body, harmonize your being and heal from within!


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