Simple ways to balance the chakras

First of all, how can we tell if our chakras are unbalanced?

Feeling tired, negative, 'stuck' and getting sick often can occur because of any number of reasons, but it can all indicate that the chakra system has fallen out of balance.

What are the chakras?

Why do they get blocked and how can we open and keep them balanced?

Chakras, according to Sanskrit are wheels or energy centers that exist in the body and allow proper functioning. There are many chakras, but the main chakra system consists of seven. As vortices, the chakras are aligned to the central energetic channel of the body, the Shusuma nadi.

This channel, along with the chakras becomes the place where the left ida and right pingala channels or nadis intersect, creating the subtle energy body, which is linked to the mental and physical bodies, this is why it directly affects our health and well-being.