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A healing is the process of freeing ourself from all automated memories with in our system . Enabling us to write our destiny.meaning towards


It means rooted in Being rather than getting lost in Doing 


Healing - What is it ?

As per our Founder Anand garg based on his own real life experience and continued journey to self healing.he describes healing as a journey to be

Thinking self to be Knowing self to be Empowering self to be writing self destiny & creating a life one wants.its in our own hands & nature has been kind enough to empower us on it  if we are open.


Healing is a progress and growth from 


Emptiness  to  Wholeness.

Inner poverty to Inner wealth

Loneliness to Knowingness

Anger to Peace

Suppression to Acceptance

Jealously to Empathy

Selfishness to Compassion

Fear to Courage

Intelligence  to Intuition

React to Respond

Survival to Creation

Emotional distress to Emotional Balance

Separation to Oneness 

Patterns to Freedom 

Programe to Mindfulness 

On his journey he discovered that there is no short cut to healing.Short cuts may provide temporary relief but  but as soon as the effect of it goes away  the feeling going to come back with even double the force forcing us to get into unhealthy habits of shorts cuts.The only way to heal holistically is to feel mindfully by Allowing/Acknowledging/Accepting/Welcoming/Hosting/Observing /Acquainting & letting it be without getting involved with it.he says what gets felt comfortably is what gets healed.

Experience and practice the power Immeasurable's on the path of healing

loving kindness


Empathetic joy


He has designed a small template a little road map for someone to be on this journey to live life fully.most of the activities we do here in the village                             but you also can do the same at wherever you are & start your healing.follow all or some as per your need.



All of these 6 areas are very much interlinked & plays a very significant role in our over all well being. we must be aware and attentive to them on daily basis.The one of the main reason for our suffering is toxin of unmindfulness & it can seep through finding its way to our system by all or any of above misbalancing all.we must ensure that there is no new toxins are seeping into our life & whatever toxin we have are being addressed as much as we can.


Our environment is our outer world 

Its the surrounding we live into our day to day life,We must take a time out and see if our surrounding is conducive to whats really matters to us in our life.if its supportive & if its not .what best can we do about to maximize the benefit /minimize the harm.The peaceful environment can be good supporting step to inner healing.  harmonize surrounding  at home/office/nabourhood are stepping stones to healing.


Our connection to people is our reflection 

We are the social creature & foundation of our lives are built on caring and sharing.its paramount for us to have good people in our life to support/guide/help/provide/motivate/criticize/trigger adding value to our journey of life.however we need to equally careful to people who are just doing opposite to that.we need to be mindful of the right people who can water our wholesome seeds & help us heal unwholesome. its best to give ourself what needed the first in order to give that to others later.​


Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.' - Hippocrates


What we eat has a direct relationship with our self. We eat thru our mouth but we also eat thru our senses and both has a very lasting and impacting effect on our over all wellbeing & we must be very mindful towards what we eat & how we eat.We must ensure that we eat wholesome sensory & edible food which promotes wellness. We all have a different mind & body & our food should be conducive to our inner environment.So eat & feel.body ll guide you.but by and large our diet should contain natural wholesome food .


Our body is our temple 


Our bodies are our temple & should be treated with that love,respect & care,Its a home & a vehicle for this any home and vehicle it also must be serviced/cleaned/looked after time to time in order to have a smooth journey.mindfully seen to that its given all the nutrition for it to be able to generate all the energy  we need for this journey.We must indulge in all the good activities which can support that at the same time we must not abuse it by way of indulging into opposite to the opposite will create nothing but lot of stress to the system.


Our breath is our prana 

Its a life or life force, knowing and being intimate with our breath means knowing and being intimate with our life.That is what we all are trying to do by focusing on outer world but where in the key to joyful life is right there with us.Its always been there right from the moment we are born to the moment we die yet we do not even notice it unless pressed upon our life.its the most important or one of most important thing in our life yet ignored substantially.Pay attention to your breath on daily basis it has a strong connection with our body and mind.our relationship with life entirely depends upon our relationship to our breath.

Breath Mindfully

Breath Respectfully

Breath Intimately 

It has a ultimate power to bring you what you what in life as it has a ultimate power to train you body and mind in that direction


Its a Brain in action. Thoughts.Feelings.Emotions 

Our mind is  powerful. it can bring heaven to us if its trained & if left untrained it can create totally in our hands the outcome of our mind.its profoundly connected with above all. every moment gathering informations in order to protect /survive /grow.however it can be done by designed or accident bringing the likewise outcome to us.


Unfortunately most of our mind impression & information comes untrained from Past lives/Ancestors/ life from 90 days of our conception to 9 years of our age.where we learn and gather all the related impression and information about the life & its functions based on our surrounding & caregivers.Which may or may not be the best operative system for our life.In order to have the life we want.we need to have our own program by rewiring & retraining the mind.

6 key area
5 key points


  • Minimalism

Minimize,Organize & Priortize  external home/people/places/social life/food/cloths/online  etc 

Choose mindfulness over addiction/quality over quantity.Choose what really matters

Follow 5 R principal Reduce/Repair/Reuse/Repurpose/Recycle

  • Silence 

Its the food for the soul,We can only hear the life call, love call, soul call if we are in silence for it to be heard else it will all be lost in noises created by sensory impression and NST ( non stop thinking ).Engage in daily silence practice where you listen to yourself intimately.

  • Proper Diet (Edible & Sensory food)

Eat mindfully as fresh as local as seasonal as possible in line with the geography you live in.the food should be able to transfer you energy not consume your energy.

Mental impression are the key to our thoughts/feeling /emotions.engage in collecting  wholesome impressions so that it support wholesome thoughts and actions ​

  • Daily Practice 

Develop a routine of daily practice of soulful activities like yoga/meditation/pranayama/journaling/reading etc ​​

  • Sangha ( Community )

Create a  small community of people who can support each othe.with power of sangha everything is possible (They can be your neighbour,frineds,partner,family) ​

Out of his personal experience he says that time & energy are the life & how we engage with them define the quality of our current & future lives.

daily act

5 activities/ At least 5 days a week. ( if possible all 7  days)

1.Yoga Asana/Any other Mindful Stretching  




5.Mindful reading/Watching/Therapies/Hobby

Recommended to do first four activities in the start of the day for effectivity.

Our world is broadly dividend into 2 parts & accordingly we also need to divide our time into 2. dedicating 12 hours to each part to maintain the balanced life 


Internal world 


Well being of Mind Body & Soul

Resting,Repairing & Healing

Action -Sleep & Rule of 5

Based on individual need one can make a customized daily  time investment between sleep & rule of you invest more time in rule of 5 you ll have more harmonious inner & external world.

External world 




Action - Home/Work/functions/gatherings/meetings/shopping/cooking

Based on individual need one make a Customised daily  time investment between the activities.

We must remember that external world is the true reflection of our internal world. whatever our internal world ll allow is what our external world will have.


This is based on his own personal experience however one can adjust  & customised the same based on their personal needs.however he highly recommends to follow rule of 5. he says if you follow the rule of 5 for 90 consecutive ll start to notice the substantial change in your physical/mental/emotional/spiritual wellbeing in turn contributing to your personal/social/financial/professional well being .


Plan things together with the people who you like to spent more time with.


 If you think  it time for you to  find a fountain of love deep inside than either start self home retreat or join us at village 



One can further support self in their journey thru external helps & therapies if need be.there are array of therapies which one can choose from however we highly advise to to do the due diligence & understand the need for the one suited the best.these therapies are broadly dividend into 2 category.Mind work & body work


Emotional Remapping Therapy

Inner child Therapy

Aspiration Therapy

Psycho Therapy

Art Therapy



Energy centre /chakra healing 



Breath work

Crystal healing

Sound healing


Ice bath


At our village we offer some of them either in a group work or individual level -  subject to resources available at the time 



Further more his recommended list of reading which can help you in understanding in nature of our existence & joyful living. we are entitle to.​

1.Joy of Living by Mingyur Rinpoche

2.Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goldman 

3.Destructive Emotions by Daniel Goldman

4.4 Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

5.Power of now by Eckhart Tolle

6.New earth by  Eckhart Tolle

7.Mind-gut connection by Emeran Mayer

8.Becoming super natural by Joe Dispenza 

9.Biology of belief by Bruce Lipton

10.The body keeps the score by M.D. van der Kolk Bessel.

11.Silence by Thich nhat hanh

12.The path of Emancipation by Thich nhat hanh

13.Understanding our mind by Thich nhat hanh

Wish you a very all the best in your journey to self.

A journey to joyful you.remember its always the first step rest just follows through.

Take your first step today.

If you need any kind of help feel free to write to us on

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