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Our Story 

 " Love the Life you Live & Live the Life you Love "

Back in January 2015, the vision of our founder Anand Garg became reality. The vision is creating an environment for like-minded people to come together as a community and to enjoy and celebrate the beauty that is life. Earth Yoga Village was born and with that, many ideas, plans and projects. Since then, we have been blessed with an incredible amount of wonderful energy to keep us going and even more incredible people that have contributed to Earth Yoga Village being the

amazing place it is today.


We are not done yet. We are not stopping. We are on a mission. A mission to spread the word of  4 Immeasurable's - Loving-Kindness, Compassion, Empathic Joy, and Equanimity as well as the ancient philosophy of yoga and its benefits for the greater good. The tradition of yoga dates back many thousands of years and is experiencing a boom in our modern times. We make it a priority to keep the belief system and philosophy sacred and pass it on mindfully.

Yoga is so much more than just the physical practice of asanas that has become so popular in the West. Earth Yoga Village makes it a focus point to teach the whole package of Yoga holistically. It's about the teachings of Yamas and Niyamas, which are the foundation for a yogic life. It is about pranayama and asana which prepare the body and mind for meditation, which is the ultimate aim - to reach Samadhi - according to ancient yogic beliefs. It is also about maintaining a balanced lifestyle and not wearing spirituality only on our sleeve but really incorporating it into our daily lives.


We wholeheartedly welcome you to Earth Yoga Village


Recharge. Rethink. Revitalize.

Reconnect with Self and Nature. 

Since our start, we have been lucky enough to be evolving & growing as a community. We have been welcoming a growing number of people to our village and make them feel at home. The sense of community that is created with every person joining is extremely rewarding and we form deep connections with everyone who is part of  the Earth Yoga Village family. Thanks to our beautiful setting, our neighbors and our way of teaching and being of service for our own personal journey, we sincerely hope that you can tune in to this special energy here and take full benefit from it. Our trainings & retreats are promoting a holistic and non dogmatic approach to a balanced and wholesome lifestyle. The dualistic nature of yin and yang is honored, funding in to a methodology founded on the ancient lineages of yoga.

Our Philosophy

" What we give is what we receive " 


Feeling stuck in that rat race or like life is flying by too fast? Our village is that small peaceful haven you crave, your go-to oasis to escape the mayhem of our modern lives. It’s a place that allows you to reconnect with the magic that lies within you and to relax. The serene setting and quiet location by the beach as well as the simple yet complete and eco-friendly amenities of Earth Yoga Village let you surrender fully to just being. Being present is one of the major challenges in our fast-paced world and we offer everything you need to do exactly that.


We inspire personal growth through yoga, food, wellness, philosophy and the unique spirit of the Earth Yoga Village community.


From October to April you can enjoy daily yoga classes, meditation, wellness treatments and healthy nutritious food. We offer a deeper immersion with yoga teacher trainings & retreats. Everything on our program is based on healing and harmonizing body, mind and soul. Our focus is to bring you peace, wellness and happiness

and we are dedicated to helping you love the life you live.


We welcome everyone into our family with open arms and make you feel at home. Our spontaneous, refreshing and open-minded attitude will leave you feeling relaxed and free. Earth Yoga Village is not only for yogis and yoginis, but for everyone that is looking for a peaceful and homey place to enjoy nature, community and the benefits of traditional healing methods. Regardless of what your own personal motivation is for joining us; whether it is to reinvent your life or simply take a break, we aim to make your stay in India relaxing, inspiring and a fulfilling memorable experience.

Our Goal

We are dedicated to providing a beautiful and peaceful setting and creating a supportive environment where you can reconnect with yourself and rejuvenate.

We are the people that will wake you up with a smile in the morning, that will spread love through every action, that will have so much joy in what we do that you can't help but feel the same. We want you to feel at home and as part of an inspiring community where you meet like-minded people and can find your way back to your Self.

Our Values

Live Simply

Eat Slowly

Breathe Deeply

Love Unconditionally

Laugh Uncontrollably

Connect with Nature

Be kind to Yourself and Others

Travel as Much as You can

Be Free

Our Vision

We believe that yoga is union of body, mind and soul. It is holistic and healing. A powerful tool to connect with Mother Earth, our own essence and peace within.

We aim to help everyone to feel connected and expand their consciousness. We are all one. Compassion towards every being including ourselves is vital for us to progress and thrive as citizens of planet Earth. We at Earth Yoga Village make it a daily priority to lead by example and to inspire.


Peace and love are some, if not the most important, assets for a world free of suffering. We hold these values close to our heart and our vision is to spread this message across the globe. We want to engage and involve the local community and create a village for everyone to practice yogic philosophies and reconnect with their inner Self. Earth Yoga Village is a spiritual place with a unique and inspiring energy that we source from Mother Nature that surrounds us.

It's by the people, for the people. We are on the road to becoming a global community for peace and love.

What We Do

We do everything possible to make you feel good. We do, however, look beyond the physical limitations of our own Self and the village. We see the big picture, that is Mother Earth and Consciousness. We strives towards bringing every being in harmony with nature. Our programmes, classes, retreats and workshops are based on healing from within to heal humanity & Mother Earth

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