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Earth Yoga Village is a community of like-minded people with open hearts, full of love, joy, hope, faith and smiles making you feel at home and helping you take a step closer towards knowing your Self. We want you to get all the experience you hoped for and will do whatever we can to ensure that.


Earth Yoga Village is about giving back to the community. To nature. To creation. To the people.  with our newly started Earth Foundation .


We want to make a difference. We want to be part of the change that is happening in the world. Not everyone is privileged equally and we are conscious of various Ecological and Social challenges all across the world. Our vision includes working towards bringing the balance back to our Ecology and Sociology. All of this requires time and funds and we only just set off on our journey. The intention is set. In the future, we will evolve and collaborate, doing the best we can.

People come here from all around the world and often openly share their experiences and dreams with others. This is very inspiring and touching as well as grounding and uplifting to our spirits. Great friendships are formed here and you are also encouraged to get as much me-time and practice finding joy in solitude as you need to find your inner balance and equilibrium!


While we love those who come full of energy and ready to get involved in anything and everything, we also totally understand and encourage the need to recharge and reflect - especially if you are getting away from a busy life back home! All we ask is for an open heart and an open mind (which is very much encouraged when visiting incredible India anyway!) ready to accept and appreciate all that is available to us. The teachings at the village help us to tune deeper into this, and in particular, to accept ourselves and others with love. 

We want you to get the most out of your time with us, so we have pulled together some tips and guidance for you to get a good picture of what life in the community will be like, below. So check out the information about the daily activities, facilities and local amenities..... and imagine yourself with us :) 

Life in the Community


Breakfast we eat in silence with the application of Mindful Eating but  Lunch and  dinner we open the table with a few words of gratitude before we eat.

Community member including you are welcomed to  lead the opening.

There is water & herbal teas provided all day long for you to enjoy at any time.

All of our meals are home-cooked, nutritious and 100% vegan, gluten/additives /preservations/emulsifier well as Fresh & Local. The whole menu is creation of our founder Anand Garg based on his own experience of the healing  yet tasty food over the period time from his own kitchen.


There is a washing up area to clean up our own dishes and teacups. 
It would be helpful to know if you are not dining with us for any meals so that we can reduce the quantity we cook and save on waste.

Please let reception know. 

Saturday is community day off and the kitchen is closed. It is a great opportunity to explore the amazing food around us.

The hut community is naturally made and closely placed together so, please keep quiet after 9.30pm, especially when returning to the village, and tread lightly in the shared rooms. Your friendly village folk will appreciate these things. 

Pillows and bed linen are provided, as are blankets if you need them, a towel (not for beach use), a mosquito net and a locker.  

Bring a lock with you to be safe and tuck away your precious items.

It will be your responsibility to keep your accommodation clean and tidy during your stay. It is cleaned & Bed linen/ towels are changed once per week. (sheets may be provided so you can do your own bit of karma yoga :)).

We ask that no village items are taken out of the village. 

Find more about our  Village - Set up - Accommodation - Food  

New - Location (from March 2022)

Set in the cooling shades of lush greenery, Earth Yoga Village is within a 5 - 7 minute walk to South Goa's most beautiful beaches of Patnem & Palolem. You will find our village to be extremely central and conveniently located by the road in the area of Colomb in between the mentioned beaches. South Goa in known for its blissful vibes, laid back people and beautiful nature. Most of the beaches are largely unspoiled and are inhabited by both local fishermen and foreign tourists who live in shacks along the shore or in the main village itself.


The location offers an ideal place to explore the stunning beaches, beautiful local villages and surrounding nature outside of your retreat schedule.

It is newly built at the new location and may not resemble the pictures posted on Social media before March 2022 .

Find us  Google map


We have Mindful Wifi Hours for 2 hours a day in the evening only as we want you to be present fully here mentally and physically. Our Wifi is good for general communication & emailing but it still can be inconsistent. It may not support heavy video calling or uploading and downloading so please use it mindfully. 


We have electricity but it can also be inconsistent and time to time we face shortage of it,

welcome to India :)

Intoxicants & Non Veg 

There is to be no association with smoking, alcohol or meat inside the village, although you are free to do as you wish out of the village. Please leave it there before you return! 


 Daily Schedule 

Please visit the respective pages & get acquainted with suggested daily schedule 

Evening Programme 

The Evening Program consists of group activities designed to enhance what has been taught during the day but in a slightly more fun, relaxed, social way. Typical activities under the Evening Program include,Yoga nidra/kirtan (singing/music)/Community circle/Ecstatic dance/Trataka/Angel walk/Cacao & other Ceremonies.We do one evening program a week.

Friendly Neighbours of All Shapes and Sizes
As we are located in a tropical climate surrounded by nature, we do have some friendly neighbours visit in the village from time to time:  lizards, frogs, critters, crows and many other friendly sentient beings.  

This means we like to take extra precautions including replacing the covers on the food if you are the last person in the queue, not taking in or storing any food in the huts, including wrapped/sealed snacks etc, and practicing ahimsa (non-violence) towards all other living beings.

We respect the surrounding nature and all the additional occasional guests that come in or near the village :) 

Photography and Video Usage

For our social media we do take a few photos and videos around the village from time to time. We have a network community and like to keep them updated with what is going on.  If you don't feel comfortable being in our photos, please find a spot where you can’t be seen in them as well as let us know so we take extra measure towards that.

Paying Your Balance

The balance of your stay is to be paid in cash only (Euros or Rupees) within 8 hours of your arrival. There are travel agents at the local shops to change up or an ATM near by to withdraw cash (small fee may apply).The based way is to bring Euro if you are from Europe. 


Please refer to the cancellation policy on Respective program/Pages 

Shopping, ATMs, Pharmacies……

There is plenty of shopping to be done on the main strip of Palolem & Patnem, but if you need ATM's, pharmacies, hospitals or electronics/household items, the nearest town is Chaudi, which is about a 5-10 min tuktuk drive costing around 100 Rupees.


Silence is the food for the soul & We do want our soul to be nourished. In order to maintain that, we observe silence from @ 22.00 until breakfast

Check in & Check out 

Check in is between 12.00 to 02.00 pm and check out is by 12.00 pm after morning activities and breakfast. ( Please arrange your arrival & departure accordingly ) 
If you require any help with your stay, we recommend letting reception know as soon as possible so we have time to solve the issue. Keep in mind reception is closed on Saturday. Please be patient with us - we will do our best to get it resolved within 24 hours. 

Remember to turn the lights and fans off when they are not being used and keep the plastic to a minimum by bringing a re-useable drinking bottle with you.

There are no laundry facilities provided in the village but there are several inexpensive and reliable laundry services just a short walk away.


At Earth Yoga Village, we live life to the fullest as it is the most beautiful gift we have been given.

We must live fully and presently, celebrating it with every cell of our being. 


We laugh and smile a lot

We cry

We hug 

We share 

We care 

We dance 

We sing 

We part

We play 

We paint 

We draw

We write

We touch hearts 

We help 

We hold hands

We love 

We respect

We travel 

We explore self but together 

We celebrate birthdays

We celebrate all the festivals 


We celebrate nothing and everything which can be a reason to bring a smile on our faces 

During your stay you may be able to be part of all or some of the activities. Everything is voluntarily. Our community always respects your choice.  

Sharing & Caring 

Earth Yoga Village is the place to form a family of like-minded people to progress towards the path of living the life you love and loving the life you live.

It is a community where everyone is encouraged to share and support each other on their spiritual journey.


Going gets joyful when community is there standing by each other in this material world where sometimes it is difficult to find like-minded people. With the support of each other, we can continue our practice on the path.


At Earth Yoga Village, you will find that community just happens when all the right energy comes together. The Facebook Earth Yoga Village Community Group is one of the platforms where we encourage people to be engaged in sharing and supporting each other mindfully.


May we support and share with each other whatever and all that we can. It may be by motivating each other through digital mediums or checking in on each other from time to time, perhaps visiting each other when visiting their town and offering a couch to sleep on and, of course, doing some practice together!  


As a community we believe in standing by each other at all times, to love and be loved in the true sense, extending our hands wherever it is needed within the community.

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Life in the Community
Sharing & Caring
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