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Wellness Retreat



13 days of full immersion into the inner world of  Thoughts,Feelings,Emotions     



with studies & practices of


Progressing on the path of self inquiry & empowerment towards peace

Remapping our inner & outer world. 


Yoga Retreat in Goa

Our mind is powerful tool to our well being if trained   -   ELSE   -  It can be source to powerful destruction if  left untrained 


We often put lot of our energy into maintaining our outer world & the image we created for ourself  that we end up neglecting our inner world all a result to that we get into constant cycle of disharmony with self.Getting lost in doing rather than being  misbalancing our Physical/Mental/Emotional/Spiritual well being.which further contributes in to disharmony in our Social/Personal/Professional/Financial wellbeing.Yet rather than pausing to take the time out to feel & heal these Thoughts,Feelings & Emotions in a correct way.We instead choose to Avoid/Repress/Suppress /Distract /Resist or Put up with them unknowingly inviting suffering into our life.In the short term it may help for a day or a week or even for months but in long term this can be extremely detrimental to quality of our life in relation to our inner & outer world.

It can be painful to face our emotions at times but the root of our healing lies into it. In order to heal we must feel them mindfully. letting them to be  Seen/Observed/Embraced .Its like cleaning our can only be cleaned by brining all that needed to be out.the very pain is gateway to peace.the journey of knowing & healing self is extremely rewarding as it will make you EMPOWERED to be creator of your life.

As per our Founder Anand garg based on his own real life experience and continued journey to self healing .He describes healing as a journey to be

Thinking self to be Knowing self to be Empowering self to be writing self destiny.its in our own hands & nature has been kind enough to empower us on it if we are open. he designed Inner Transformation Yoga Retreat Goa as a stepping stone for people to embark onto journey to self healing and empowerment.


Healing is a progress and growth from 


Emptiness  to  Wholeness.

Inner poverty to Inner wealth

Loneliness to Knowingness

Anger to Peace

Suppression to Acceptance

Jealously to Empathy

Selfishness to Compassion

Fear to Courage

Intelligence  to Intuition

React to Respond

Survival to Creation

Emotional distress to Emotional Balance

Separation to Oneness 

Patterns to Freedom 

Programe to Mindfulness 

On his journey he discovered that there is no short cut to may provide temporary relief but as soon as the effect of it goes away the feeling going to come back stronger than before.Forcing us to get into unhealthy habits of shorts cuts.The only way to heal holistically is to feel mindfully by Allowing/Acknowledging/Accepting/Hosting/Understanding /Observing & letting it be without getting involved with it.he says what gets felt comfortably is what gets healed.

Experience and practice the power Immeasurable's on the path of healing

loving kindness


Empathetic joy




  • Designed to cultivate joyful living 

  • Learn Yoga,Meditation & Mindfulness philosophies

  • Learn about Mind & Body ( Thoughts/Feelings /Emotions)

  • Learn 4 path,8 limbs & 5 points of yoga 

  • 3 Daily Classes of  Yoga,Pranayama,Meditation,Mindfulness,Mantra,Ceremonies

  • 2 hours of daily class (Philosophy /Mindfulness /Workshops/Assignments)

  • 3 Nutritious wholesome meals to nourish your body

  • Food is Medicine - All our Food is Vegan-Local-Fresh & Free of Gluten-Preservations-Emulsifier ( Ayurvedically Inspired )  

  • Community living and  activities to explore holistic aspects of life

  • Location - Set in between two beautiful beaches ( Patnem & Palolem ) of Goa


  • Enable you activate inner wealth ( joy/love/compassion/kindness/peace)

  • Enable  you at  Emotional intelligence & maturity    

  • Enable you to map Inner and outer world better

  • Enable & Empower you to be able to take control of your well being 

  • Enable you to establish daily self practice to maintain the balance  


  • Philosophy

Brief History of Yoga,Its meaning,Definition,Aim & Goal.​

4 paths of yoga ( Raja/jana/Bhakti/Karma)5

5 points of yoga

Karma and reincarnation

  • Psychology-Lifestyle & Ethics

Who m I,Role,Purpose,Meaning,Nature & quality of our existence 

Nature of Reality,Impermanence & Manifestation

Mind and Its function - Inner world of Perception - Thoughts - Feelings - Emotions 

Outer world of  Social - Financial - Professional - Personal   

EGO & Others Klesha - Why are we unhappy

Mindfulness - The tool of happiness 

Life style and ethics - The path of happiness ​

Insight on dealing with difficult emotions.

Non voilet Communication 


  • Clinics/Coaching

How to practice & implement correctly​ in our daily life 





06:30 - 08:00

08:00 - 08:30

08:30 - 10:00

10:00 - 11:15

11:15 - 13:45

13:45 - 17:30

17:30 - 19:00

19:00 - 20:00

20:00 - 22:00


Wake up call 


Tea break/Journaling

Asana ( yoga )

Breakfast/Morning circle

Philosophy /Mindfulness /Workshops/Assignments

Lunch & Beach Break 

Asana ( yoga )/Evening program*


Day Reflection/Self studies 

Light off & Silence 

*Evening program consists of various heart opening activities such as 

Kirtan & Cacao ceremonies /Ecstatic dance & Contact Improvisation/Sound healing & Angel walk /Yin yoga & Yoga nidra/ Mantra chanting & Tratka 

You may be able to experience all or some of it in your stay.

Above is suggested Schedule it may change due to local requirements

Saturdays are days off ( Kitchen and all activities are closed).Its a great opportunities to explore local food and beaches 

On your day of arrival (Sunday) please arrive at 12pm & check-in is from 2pm . 

On your day of departure ( Sunday )checkout is at 12pm.after morning activities & breakfast.

You may also choose to do other therapies while you are on this program. For more information take a look at our different therapy pages here.



All huts have Toilet & Shower Inside

All prices are per person in Euros. For an approximate conversion to another currency visit

What's included in the price

  • Daily scheduled classes

  • Accommodation & Breakfast,Lunch,Dinner, Tea, Snacks (as per daily schedule, except on days off) for the period booked

  • Unlimited drinking water


What's not included​

  • Flight

  • Airport transfer

(we can organise pick-up on request at an extra charge of INR 2,000 from 8 am to 8 pm & INR 2,200 from 8pm to 8am. The driver will assist you all the way to the village with your luggage without any extra charge or tips. In case of a flight delay you will have to pay an extra INR 200 per hour after the first hour.fair is payable to driver directly)

Cancellation Policy/Charges

  • 100 euros till 60 days prior to the start of the course

  • 200 euros between 60 to 01 days prior to the start of the course

  • Postponement of the course is allowed with in 12 months if informed 60 days prior to start of the course 


  • You must have a valid visa to enter India.

  • It is advisable to take out travel and medical insurance in the event that you have to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances.

  • Earth Yoga Village accepts no liability for loss, damage, injury or illness which may occur while at Earth Yoga Village or when travelling to or from the village.

  • Earth Yoga Village takes necessary measures to ensure that students are not stretched beyond the limit of their capabilities. We ask that you tell the teacher if you have any particular pre-existing injury or illness that is relevant or if you are finding the class too difficult. We advise that if you are feeling any pain or illness during class that you stop and rest.

  • If you request for us to organise your taxi, transfers are valid between mentioned locations only. They are not transferrable to another location, nor refundable. Taxis can take no more than three guests per car with luggage. Please only take the taxi that has been booked for you as you will be liable to pay for the cost for the pre-booked taxi. Additional charges will have to be paid for delays over one hour.

  • Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for further details

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