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This page is a dedicated to those.who are  looking to be knowing themselves better.



Healing - What is it ?

As per our Founder Anand garg based on his own real life experience and continued journey to self healing.he describes healing as a journey to be thinking self to be knowing self to be empowering self to be writing self destiny & creating a life one wants.its in our own hands & nature has been kind enough to empower us on it  if we are open.Healing is a progress and growth from 


Emptiness  to  Wholeness.

Inner poverty to Inner wealth

Loneliness to Knowingness

Anger to Peace

Suppression to Acceptance

Jealously to Empathy

Selfishness to Compassion

fear to Courage

Intelligent life to Intuitive life 

React to Respond

Survival to Creation

Emotional distress to Emotional Balance

Separation to Oneness 

Patterns to Freedom 

Programe to Mindfulness 

On his journey he discovered that there is no short cut to healing. one cant heal by avoiding,supressing,repressing,distracting,resisting,indulging or numbing.all of this can help for a temporary basis on a short term but as soon as the effect of above goes the feeling going to come back with even double the force.the only way to heal is to feel by allowing.accepting.welcoming.hosting.observing & letting it be without getting involved with it.he says what gets felt comfortably is what gets healed.

He has designed a small template a little road map for someone to be on this journey to live life fully.most of the activities we do here in the village but you also can do the same at wherever you are & start your healing.follow all or some as per your need.


  • De clutter all areas of your life. Organize & priortise 

  • Choose quality over quantity

  • Choose mindfulness over Addiction

  • Minimize & organize your external environment.like home/people/places/social life/food/cloths etc 

  • Choose what really matters. have adequately.have the best.have the luxury but remember less is a real luxury as   it needs less time investment so more time for you & your healing.

  • Support local/buy/eat/shop/spent money and time locally as needed & as much as possible.

  • Follow 5 R principal Reduce/repair/reuse/Rot/Recycle

  • Minimise & organise the digital world. spent quality over quantity time

Out of his personal experience he says that time & energy are the life & the more things you have the more time and energy required to manage the outer world.which means lesser life for inner world which is detrimental to our outer world.


Our Outer world is the mirror effect of our inner world.one can not have joyful outer world without having a joyful inner world.Minimilism is one of the tool to have more time to focus on it.

Wanting less is not only help in self healing it also helps in Mother Earth healing as it slows the demands thus slows the productions slowing the CO2 emission.


 6 Key Areas

All of these 6 areas are very much interlinked & plays a very significant role in our over all well being. we must be aware and attentive to them on daily basis.The one of the main reason for our suffering is toxin of stress & it can seep through finding its way to our system by all of above or any of above misbalancing all of above.we must ensure that there is no new imbalances are seeping into your life & whatever imbalance we have are addressing them as much as you can.


Our environment is our outer world 

Its the surrounding we live into our day to day life,We must take a time out and see if our surrounding is conducive to whats really matters to us in our life.if its supportive & if its not .what best we can do about it.how to maximize the benefit /minimize the harm.the peaceful environment can be good supporting step to inner healing.spending time & understanding to create a harmonize situation at home/office/nabourhood.


Our connection to people is our reflection 

We are the social creature & foundation of our lives are  built on caring and sharing.its paramount for us to have good people in our life.to support/guide/help/provide/motivate/criticize/trigger & learn  adding value to our journey of life.however we need to equally careful to people who are just doing opposite to that.we need to be mindfully cut down the toxic people out of our lives.remember the people who criticize & triggers us are not the toxin people but the people who sing us false praises and put us on pedestal.who cant not see good in themselves and others & vibrating with lower vibrations.not necessary they are the bad people but at this point of time you may not have adequate energy to help them so its best to give ourself what needed the first in order to give that to others later.​


Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.' - Hippocrates


What we eat has a direct relationship with our gut & its no secret that gut  has direct relationship with mind & has the abilities to impact over all well being .we must be very mindful towards what we eat & how we eat.mostly eating plant based food.more of fruits/veggies/nuts/millets/grains are considered to be good for our gut & digestive system but not necessary that all of them are true for everyone.we all have a different body & our food should be conducive to our inner environment  so eat & feel.body ll guide you.but by and large our diet should contain more of  alkalizing food sattavic by nature avoiding all the tamasic & toxic food.


Our body is our temple 

Our bodies are our temple & should be treated with that love,respect & care,Its a home & a vehicle for this life & like any home and vehicle it also must be serviced/cleaned/looked after time to time in order to have a smooth journey & time.mindfully seen to that its given all the nutrition for it to be able to generate all the energy & prana we need for these journey.we must indulge in all the good activities which can support that like.proper,exercise/diet/breathing/relaxation/thoughts/ & at the same time we must not abuse it by way of opposite to that.as the opposite will create nothing but lot of stress to the system.


Our breath is our prana 

Its a life or life force, knowing & being intimate with our breath means knowing and being intimate with our life.That is what we all are trying to do but by focusing on outer world where in the key to joy of life is right there with us .its always been there right from the moment we are born to the moment we die yet we do not even notice it unless pressed upon our life.its the most important or one of most important thing in our life yet ignored substaintly.pay attention to your breath on daily basis it has a strong connection with our body and mind.our relationship life entirely depends upon our relationship to our breath.

Breath Mindfully

Breath Respectfully

Breath Intimately 

It has a ultimate power to bring you what you what in life as it has a ultimate power to train you body and mind in that direction


Its a Brain in action. Thoughts.Feelings.Emotions 

Our mind are the powerful & it can bring heaven  to us if its trained.if left untrained it can create havoc.it totally in our hands the outcome of our mind.its profoundly connected with above all every moment gathering informations in order to protect /survive /grow.however if its done in untrained way by accident everything happens in our life would be by accident.if its done in a wholesome trained way everything in our life would be as we want it to be.

Unfortunately most of our mind impression & information comes untrained out of the past lives & life from 90 days of our conception to 9 years of our age.where we learn and gather all the related impression and information about the life we going to have on this planet in this body from our early care givers & all the 5 keys above.our brain is the sponge till age 9 & we are downloading the operative software for this world. which has been given by other people & their behavior & based on that we see,think,feel & act .which may or may  not be best experience of our existence in this body.In order to have the life we want .we need to have our program by rewiring & retraining the mind.

Our thought/feeling & the emotions are the product of our accumulated past impression & information & we tend to get in redundant cycle of it by having same thought again and again leading into same  feeling again & again creating the same thoughts again.we need break the habit of compulsory engagement with them & empower ourself at will.Daily action can help tremendously in empowering you on the same 


Daily Action

1.Yoga Asana




5.Mindful reading/watching

6.Mindful Hobby/Contribution to Mother Earth 

Option - 1  The rule of 6

6 activities/6 days a week/6 hours a day.keeping one day as  free day for spontaneity to listen to the need of the inner or outer world.

The day is divided into 4 category dedicating 6 hours  to each. 

                               1.Internal world - 6 Hours ( yoga/pranayama/meditation or any other spiritual activities for 3 hours & reading /writing/hobby for 3 hours )

                               2.External world - 6 Hours ( family,friends,social,hygien,transportation,shopping,cooking,eating etc.)

                               3.Service to others - 6 Hours ( work/volunteer)

                               4.sleep - 6 Hours ( one does not need more than 6 hours if they spent anywhere between 3 to 6 hours a day in inner world however you always                                                                   can  See what feels good for you.)

Option - 2  The rule of 3

6 activities/6 days a week/3 hours a day.keeping one day as  free day for spontaneity to listen to the need of the inner or outer world.

The day is divided into 4 category dedicating 3 hours to internal world & rest as per the need. 

                               1.Internal world - 3 Hours ( yoga/pranayama/meditation or any other spiritual activities for 3 hours & reading /writing/hobby for 3 hours )

                               2.External world - As per the need ( family,friends,social,hygien,transportation,shopping,cooking,eating etc.)

                               3.Service to others - As per the need work/volunteer)

                               4.sleep - As per the need ( However you may not feel the need of 8 hours  after couple of weeks of practices)


This is based on his own personal experience however one can adjust  & customized the same based on their personal needs.however he highly recommends to follow rule of 6 & the 1st part of inner world activities must be done  in the morning hours before you eat your breakfast & 2nd part as your time allows.if you follow the rule of 6 for 90 consecutive days.you ll bound to notice the substantial change in your mental/emotional/physical wellbeing.


Plan things together with the people who you like to spent more time with.

90 days Twin Healing Challenge

 If you think  it time for you to be your best friends & find a fountain of love deep inside you & do the same with the creations.than you can also join our 90 days twin healing challenge.where by following the same. you not only heal ourself but contributes to MOTHER EARTH & Ecology  as well.

1.Switching to be on 100% vegan & fresh food  diet & drinks

2.Following the  Rule of 6 or Rule of 3

3.Planting 90 trees.preferably fruit trees ( just think of it.what a legacy you ll leave behind for future generations )

4.Saying no to single use plastic

5.Minimalistic life style

By participating & completing this challenge.you ll not only be choosing you but also choosing the world to be better palace.contibuting it to be what its suppose to be than what it is today.it ll not only heal you but also the Mother earth.we all are connected & one.when we heal so does the MOTHER EARTH & whole creation & vice versa.

Take a step forward & enroll yourself with us

You ll have regular support & guidance on it from us free of cost as thats our contribution in this.  



One can further support self in their journey thru external helps & therapies if need be.there are array of therapies which one can choose from however we highly advise to to do the due diligence & understand the need for the one suited the best.these therapies are broadly dividend into 2 category.Mind work & body work


Emotional Remapping Therapy

Inner child Therapy

Affirmation Therapy

Psycho Therapy

Art Therapy





Breath work

Ice bath

Energy centre /chakra healing 



Crystal healing

Sound healing

At our village we offer most of them either on a group work or individual  subject to resources available at the time 




Further more his recommended list of reading which can help you in understanding in nature of our existence & joyful life we are entitle to.​

1.Joy of Living by Mingyur Rinpoche

2.Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goldman 

3.Destructive Emotions by Daniel Goldman

4.4 Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

5.Power of now by Eckhart Tolle

6.New earth by  Eckhart Tolle

7.Mind-gut connection by Emeran Mayer

8.Becoming super natural by Joe Dispenza 

9.Biology of belief by Bruce Lipton

10.The body keeps the score by M.D. van der Kolk Bessel.


Addition to above  his recommended list of documentaries  which can help you in understanding in nature of our existence & joyful life we are entitle to.​

1.Social Dilemma



4.Kiss the ground 

5. Shadow Effect 

6.Life on our planet

7.The Minimalist 

8.My octopus teacher

9.Cow piracy

10.Saving capitalism

11.Chasing corals

12.Take your pills

13.What the health

14.A Plastic ocean

15.Thrive-what on earth will it take 

16.Beginning of life 

17.Our planet 

Wish you a very all the best in your journey to self. A journey to joyful you. remember its always the first step rest just follows through.

Take your first step today.

If you need any kind of help feel free to write to us on Info@earthyoga village.com

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