Healing - What is it ?

As per our Founder Anand garg based on his own real life experience and continued journey to self healing.he describes healing as a journey to be thinking self to be knowing self to be empowering self to be writing self destiny & creating a life one wants.its in our own hands & nature has been kind enough to empower us on it  if we are open.Healing is a progress and growth from 


Emptiness  to  Wholeness.

Inner poverty to Inner wealth

Loneliness to Knowingness

Anger to Peace

Suppression to Acceptance

jealously to Empathy

Selfishness to Compassion

fear to Courage

Intelligent life to Intuitive life 

React to Respond

Survival to Creation

Emotional distress to Emotional Balance

Separation to Oneness 

Patterns to freedom 

Programe to Mindfulness 

On his journey he discovered that there is no short cut to healing. one cant heal by avoiding,supressing,repressing,distracting,resisting,indulging or numbing.all of this can help for a temporary basis on a short term but as soon as the effect of above goes the feeling going to come back with even double the force.the only way to heal is to feel by allowing.accepting.welcoming.hosting.observing & letting it be without getting involved with it.he says what gets felt comfortably is what gets healed.

He has designed a small template a little road map for someone to be on this journey to live life fully.most of the activities we do here in the village but you also can do the same at wherever you are & start your healing.

What is Reiki and Energy Healing

The Japanese word Reiki means Universal Energy, or Spiritual Wisdom. It is made up of two words... Rei meaning Universal or Spiritual Wisdom, and Ki meaning Life Force Energy. This energy is constantly around us in every living thing. Reiki is a system of natural spiritual healing evolved from Japan by Dr Mikao Usui, who gave his time and dedication to study this wonderful method and passed down his teachings and experience to others who continued his work and integrated it into the modern western world and medicine. Although not originally recognised by the medical profession, Reiki has fast become recognised in hospitals and by many medical practitioners, veterinarians and specialists to aid in the healing of thousands of seriously ill patients and animals worldwide.


It is possible to treat many problems with Reiki and Vibrational Energy Healing, be it mental or emotional distress or illness, physical pain, or chronic disease, by restoring balance in all areas. It is very safe as it is natural, and can be used along with other treatments and medicines.

We offer various Vibrational Energy healing therapies. Energy is universal. We like to combine all our knowledge and experience from the therapies listed below, into an

intense Vibrational Healing session, tailored to specific and individual needs, after a consultation.

 We will look at diet and nutrition if necessary, and can also test for any suspected food allergies or intolerances that may be affecting your health. However if you prefer a specific treatment from the list below, please specify on booking.


Reiki and Crystal Healing

A Reiki healing combined with crystals for balancing chakra energy and releasing any blockages within the physical and subtle bodies. Reiki provides an overall sense of peace and tranquillity, instilling clarity and mental focus on all levels. This beautiful healing helps to treat many illnesses and diseases, including depression, anxiety, stress, insomnia, emotional problems, fatigue, mental and physical pain and blockages, many chronic illnesses and diseases, arthritis, digestive, intestinal, musculoskeletal problems and skin problems such as psoriasis, eczema, and also fibromyalgia.

Reiki provides a general feeling of having been healed on all levels. We highly recommend this therapy to anyone whatever their symptom/problems, or just as a get away as it is such a beautifully relaxingand natural modality. It can be used alongside other therapies and medications, as it is harmless.



Energy Healing Massage

A beautifully relaxing Reiki and Massage combination using essential oils or remaining fully clothed if preferred, whilst relaxing in a massage chair or laying on a couch.

This therapy is a gentle massage of the back, shoulders, neck and scalp including acupressure points, releasing any energy and fibrous blockages, aligning and balancing the key chakras and aiding any muscular aches and pains. This treatment is very relaxing and perfect for people sat in front of a computer all day as you will be left feeling relaxed, pampered, totally cocooned in love yet energised and uplifted.

Aura and Chakra Healing

High vibrational energy healing using Reiki and crystals, and working on all seven layers of the Aura & Chakras, from the Etheric Body, Emotional Body, Mental Body, Astral Body, Etheric Template, Celestial Body, to the Ketheric Body, on a multidimensional level, clearing karmic situations and traumas brought from past lives, as well as healing and clearing blockages created in this life through mental, physical and emotional traumas. This therapy is very releasing, and you will feel totally cleansed and released. This combined with Reiki is an intense healing session, and will leave you feeling relaxed and at peace with the world. We also use crystals to accelerate the

healing process and intensively clear any blockages.