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Back in 2014 the vision of our Founder Director Anand garg became reality. his Motto towards life came into existence " Live the life you love & Love the life you live " The vision of creating an environment for people to come together as a community and to enjoy and celebrate the beauty that is life. Earth Yoga Village was born. And with it many ideas, plans and projects. Since then we have been blessed with an incredible amount of even more incredible people that have contributed to Earth Yoga Village being the amazing place it is today. We aren't done yet. We aren't stopping. We are on a mission. A mission to spread the word of love, community and compassion as well as the ancient phi

Why Yoga you asked?

Good question! And I can't wait to answer it in full detail :). Why do people start doing yoga? Going to their first ever class? Maybe because of their friend who drags them there. Or they've heard it's calming for the mind. Perhaps they just need a good stretch. All of these reasons are legit. But that's not the full story of why yoga is good for you. Me, personally, I got into yoga because of a friend. Thank you, lovely friend, for that! Probably one of the best things that have happened in my life so far! The first class is a mix of confusion, bliss, rage, more confusion and realisation that you can't even balance on one leg. But you're intrigued, wanting more of it. So you go again. And

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