About Kindness

What is kindness? And why should we all make it a priority in our lives?

We live in a world filled with people and other beings, constantly surrounded by them. Kindness is like the magic key that makes the living together easy as pie. It just works. And it makes us appreciate the other being, animals or Mother Nature so much more. Because when you practice kindness you cannot do harm, it's not physically or mentally possible.

It seems like a big word. KINDNESS. But it's really not all that difficult. Here are some simple everyday tips that everyone can do and it will have a big impact in the world. Bigger that you might think. Imagine if everyone does simple things like this? Has anything like that ever happened to you? Like as stranger offering you to sit. Or attentively listening to you while you're talking? All acts of kindness. And they have an impact on you. It touches you deep within and it's a beautiful feeling.

Bake a cake

Maybe someone you know had a bad day. Surprise them with a cake for dessert. It will change their whole day for the better. Or perhaps you have never spoken to your neighbour at all, but she waters your plants just like that every day? Bake some muffins and invite her for tea.

Buy someone a coffee

Ever stood in line to order a coffee? What about paying the coffee for the person behind you in the queue? A simple thing that doesn't cost you much in physical value and will reward you with so much more on a deeper level.

Donate for your local animal shelter

It doesn't always have to be the big charities when there is places in need right next door. Pop in, donate your time, food or money. Spend time with the shelter animals and see how it makes your day.

Be kind to yourself

A major one we often forget. Take time out to read your favourite novel. Don't overdo your exercising. Eat mindfully. Sit still and just be for a couple of minutes every day. That's kindness.

Do volunteering work

The world needs people like you. People that selflessly offer their time to help people that are less fortunate and in need. What you get out of it again, is so much more rewarding than many other mostly meaningless things we do with our time.

Send flowers or an old school postcard

Two things that have vanished with modern times. It's easy to just post on your friends Facebook wall. But is it really meaningful and kind? Instead send someone flowers. Just because. Or send a postcard to your grandma. She will love it, because really, she can't be bothered to read your text message ;)

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