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Earth Foundation


      Mother  Earth 

We human beings have existed for just 200,000 years around, yet our impact on the planet is so great that scientists around the world are calling for our period in the Earth’s history to be named the ‘Anthropocene‘ – the age of humans. The changes & demands  we are now making have exacted a heavy toll on the natural world around us. It's vital that people understand the impact we have.Two hundred years ago, there were less than a billion people on Earth. Today, there are 7.8bn and our population is still growing. According to the United Nations, unless we take action there is likely to be 30% more of us by 2050 and 11 billion people by 2100.& we can only imagine what would be the situation & demand that would be on the mother to provide us.its already making  her frail & she is dying everyday.


We can and must ease the pressure on our world. As individuals and communities, we can take action by minimalistic life approach, adopting to vegan diet, reusing and recycling more, ensuring what we do use and consume is as sustainable as possible.

Above all, we can choose to have smaller families.

we must do everything possible in our hands to contribute in bringing back the biodiversity needed for sustainability of this planet. else we will not be sustained.

Earth foundation has been founded by our founder Anand garg with the  understanding that.its no more organisations movements in order to sustain the creation.it has to be a people movement.it has to be everybody movement & this project is a step towards that direction to involve as many people as possible in healing of the mother EARTH doing our bit.


Lets  take a step together to make a this planet was it deserves to be.



  • To awaken as many human as possible to the real danger lurking on our planet.

  • Provide them A logical understanding on how they can help

  • Provide them a small logical & if need be customised capsules to follow on daily basis

  • Motivate & recognise people for their contribution.

  • Motivate people to motivate others to join the movement.

  • Empower people to have a informed choices & act accordingly.



Our main focus on 3 most important areas which can make a enormous amount of impact if we Implement  them right.the future of our world is still very much in our hands.if we act now.

  • Veganism - Impact on Human/animals & Ecology 

  • Plastic - Impact on Human/animals & Ecology 

  • Improving biodiversity locally 


We would be Promoting following activities to bring people together


How can we do our bit 

Keeping the state of our ecological affairs in mind. its paramount that we invest part of our time & energy in contributing towards brining the balanced back to the Mother Earth.there can be one or  combinations of ways where we can act towards that direction but first & for most is get ourselves informed & he highly recommend to start with below documentaries.​

Once you have gathered needed information than spent some time on it to sink in the gravity of the information to check if its inline with something you like to be involved with & than accordingly draw the action plan & act on it with in your current possibilities.

Some of the below mentioned changes can have a Immediate impacting effect on our Ecological Balance.

1. Switching to be on vegan & fresh food  diet & drinks(As the biggest stress & contributory factor please watch documentaries for more understanding ) 

2.If you have to eat meat & dairy than reducing it to once in a week ( it also very good for our body )

3.Developing the minimalistic life style

3.Using local & organic products ( As much as you can )

4.Saying no to single use plastic  & mindful usage of all kind of other plastic products

5.Mindful usage of fossil fuel supply chain 

6.Use & reuse rather than use & throw 

7.planting trees as many as you can

8 Become our Ecology Ambassadors

9 Enroll our 90 days challenge 

One can decide to take all the steps at one go or can take a baby steps towards the direction however truth to be told. we do not have a time for the baby steps.