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Mind & Emotions

90 Days Online Healing  Retreat

3  hours a day 

A 90 days of exploration into self 



To heal from Physical,Mental,Emotional traumas & stress to balance self

  Balancing our inner & outer world .


Our mind is powerful tool to our well being if its trained well else it can be source to powerful destruction if  left untrained .


we often put lot of our energy into maintaining our outer world & the image we created for ourself  that we end up neglecting our inner world /mind.The stress of managing that along with past traumas can put us in the constant cycle of  disharmony with ourself misbalancing our physical/mental/emotional inner world well being.misbalancing our outer world wellbeing. yet rather than pausing to take the time out to feel these thoughts,feelings & emotions in a correct way.we choose instead to suppress /distract/ put up with them, discounting the importance of our emotional wellbeing. In the short term it may help  for a day or a week or even for months but in long term this can be extremely detrimental to our physical /mental/emotional wellbeing & inner world as well as to our relationships in outer world. as our outer world is the mirror effect of our inner world.

It can be painful to face our emotions at times but the root of our healing lies into it. In order to heal we must let them be out,see,observe,feel, deal & heal them.Its like cleaning our houses .it can only be cleaned by brining all that needed to be out.the very pain is gateway to peace.the journey of knowing & healing self is extremely rewarding as it will make you feel EMPOWERED to be able to create/design/architect the life you want.A life with inner peace & balance between inner & outer world.

As per our Founder Anand garg based on his own real life experience and continued journey to self healing.he describes healing as a journey to be thinking self to be knowing self to be empowering self to be writing self destiny & creating a life one wants.its in our own hands & nature has been kind enough to empower us on it  if we are open.


Healing is a progress and growth from 


Emptiness  to  Wholeness.

Inner poverty to Inner wealth

Loneliness to Knowingness

Anger to Peace

Suppression to Acceptance

Jealously to Empathy

Selfishness to Compassion

fear to Courage

Intelligent life to Intuitive life 

React to Respond

Survival to Creation

Emotional distress to Emotional Balance

Separation to Oneness 

Patterns to Freedom 

Programe to Mindfulness 

On his journey he discovered that there is no short cut to healing. one cant heal by avoiding,supressing,repressing,distracting,resisting,indulging or numbing.all of this can help for a temporary basis on a short term but as soon as the effect of above goes the feeling going to come back with even double the force.the only way to heal is to feel by allowing.accepting.welcoming.hosting.observing & letting it be without getting involved with it.he says what gets felt comfortably is what gets healed.



  • Based on real life healing experiences & accumulated knowledge

  • Weekly/monthlyor need based IndIvidualised Mind & Emotional remapping session

  • Weekly group classes on Mind and Emotions functions and emotions

  • Daily & weekly mind remapping assignments 

  • Daily Yoga,Pranayama,Meditation capsule classes 

  • Connecting with local EYV community to be supported/guided (if there are possibilities)



  • Enable & Empower you to be able to take control your life

  • Enable you to look into thoughts/ feeling/ emotions objectively

  • Enable you to map Inner and outer world better

  • Enable you to have enough knowledge  to self heal & bring body & mind  back to its natural self-healing state

  • Enable you to establish daily self practice to maintain the balance

  • Enable you activate inner wealth ( joy/love/compassion/kindness/peace)


 Area of explorations

  • What is mind & its functions

  • Inner & outer world

  • Inner child ,Soul,Mind & body

  • Thoughts,Feelings & Emotions

  • Relationships with self/partner's/family/friends/others

  • Relationship with creation/ecology/food/objects

  • Our light & darkness

  • Patterns & behavior

  • Why do we have what we have  

  • Designing our own destiny/future




06:30 - 08:00

08:00 - 08:30

08:30 - 09:30

Wake up call 


Tea break/Journaling

Asana (yoga )

Mentioned time is GMT+2


Find sometime during the day for conscious reading/watching out the list provided 

Reading list

Watching lIst 


Every Saturday - Group class - 10.30 - 12.30 (GMT+2)

Once in a Week/Month individual Mind mapping session on pre-scheduled time 

Sunday is  the free day to follow your heart at the spontaneity 


What is option - 2 -  you involve & take a active participation in our projects becoming a ecology ambassador for 25 hours helping us & contributing your bit to Mother earth. To know more click here